WhyteHouse Staging & Re-Design LLC has been years in the making. We both dreamed about owning our own business but with raising three children and several cross country career moves it just was not possible. But in 2013, the dream began to become a reality. When Jim became a realtor it opened the door for us to bring together real estate and Nancy’s love for home design. WhyteHouse Staging & Re-Design LLC, was born.


Nancy Whyte


Nancy is a natural.  By that I mean she has been staging since she was a young girl, long before there were stagers. On Sundays after church Nancy would accompany her dad to local open houses.  He was interested in design: furniture, paint color, wall paper and how to put it all together.  He wanted his house to be beautiful and functional for his large family of eight. The two of them would work on home projects, painting, wallpapering, and furniture arrangement, refinishing furniture and even making headboards. It was in her blood! From then on Nancy studied/practiced design in her own homes, her offices, and assisted family and friends. She graduated from The Staging Diva Home Staging program and has been staging ever since. In addition to her staging/design skills she has worked in upper management positions for over 25 years.   This is where she has honed her management, marketing skills and program development/creation.

Jim Whyte


Jim spent the majority of his career in management, mostly commercial overhead fire protection.  Jim’s main focus was to evaluate the plants productivity, safety, potential for growth and viability.

 Although he enjoyed his career, he dreamed of being his own boss.  One day that opportunity arrived.  Jim became a realtor! Something he had thought about for many years.  He had the opportunity to control his destiny, no more relocating his family, he could put down his roots and enjoy his work and home.

Jim is a very enthusiastic, self starter with high energy and a hard working individual. Perfect for Real Estate!  When he began his real estate career he was taken aback by how much he loved his job. Jim had not foreseen the impact of assisting people buying/selling property would have on him.

It is such a big decision to purchase or sell your home. It is a process full of emotions, for everyone. Jim understands that process having owned and sold 12 of his own homes prior to becoming a realtor. His goal is to make the process fun for everyone.  Jim will ensure all details are taken care of; concerns resolved and reduce the stress as much as possible.


Our Team:

WhyteHouse Staging & Re-Design LLC is a team of individuals who enjoy making people’s dreams come true. We work together, each with our own talents and skills to ensure your home is beautiful and functional. Whether staging your home to sell or for you to enjoy the WhyteHouse Staging & Re-Design LLC will work hard to make your dreams come true.