Hillside Vacant

As most older homes on the lake or lake view they have been there for decades and often have one or more additions. This was no exception.

There needs to be a function to each space. In this home a bathroom had been converted to a pantry. The front porch located in front of the kitchen was converted into an indoor space with no defined function. The lower level had a large room but again no defined function and no windows.  We had our work cut out for us!

We started with the kitchen and the undefined addition area. We rearranged the kitchen area switching a cabinet with the refrigerator.  What a difference in just making that move! It created a functional space. Now we needed to define an eating area and work on the front porch area.  We decided for an open concept kitchen/eating area and sitting area. The only other room for a living space was the lower level. By doing this we now had two living spaces.

This created a large eating/entertaining area.  The lower level became the main living area and game room.

Staging: $1,800

Sold within a week above asking price


Here are Before and After photos of the kitchen, including an open concept sitting area, and the lower level living room.

Staging cost: $1,800

Sold within a week above asking price

Working with Gray

This home has a great floor plan, the problem was you could not see it. As with all of us, when a newborn arrives the home is all about the baby. It doesn’t take long before your home is no longer recognizable to you!

This family had already purchased another home and planned on moving prior to listing the home.  The family packed most of their belongings leaving specific items we needed to stage. We worked with the wall colors and created a warm inviting home where you could see the space and the great views out the large windows.

The baby’s room was transformed into a little girl’s room/guest room. We moved furniture from around the house to make each room functional and spacious.

These homeowners invested sweat equity into their property to update the home. We took what they had done and highlighted those features.

Staging: $1,500


Here are Before and After photos of the entryway, great room, dining/living, a baby's bedroom (converted to a guest bedroom), and master bathroom.

Staging: $1,500

Bringing It All Together

This vacant home had such a great floor plan for a home on the lake. We had navy and gray tile floors in the open floor plan living room/eat in kitchen.  However, we also had an original faux fireplace. Beautiful brick work but it did not function and never would. The kitchen cabinets needed to be updated. The cabinets that hung from the ceiling over the island were also non-functioning, as they were too high to reach. They also blocked the view to the open concept.

We had the fireplace and the upper cabinets removed.  That increased our usable space and opened the site line.

We used the navy/gray tile as our design inspiration throughout the home, creating a cohesive look. The entire home was painted the same color, the carpet on the upper level was also changed out. The entrance to the back of the house, facing the lake, was very large to accommodate swimming, fishing items, towels etc. We had that painted as well, further extending the open floor plan to the back porch, patio and finally to the beach.

Staging: $2,800

Fonda Lake

Here are Before and After photos of a lake home that needed some updating in the kitchen and master bedroom and a coat of paint everywhere else.

Staging: $2,800

Winans Lake

This old farmhouse was ready for some TLC. The home had two additions and each time the new flooring didn’t match. Our first challenge!

Next the paint colors in the home were bold and bright and none of it flowed together from room to room. This made the house look chopped up and smaller. That was our second challenge.

But our biggest challenge was the kitchen.  The tile back splash had tiles falling out and the tiles on the counter tops were loose and coming out as well. The cupboards needed some TLC as they out of date and faded.

The owners were terrific!  They had already relocated to a brand-new home and were eager to sell. I discussed my recommendations for their home and they happily agreed to everything.  We brought out contractors to paint the entire interior of the home, including the kitchen cabinets. Secondly, we had a handyman fix some things.  Lastly, we had a tile installer come out and install black granite and white subway tiles for the back splash.

The entire kitchen looked brand new!  The home had a warm cohesive look that made the home appear larger. You will see in the before and after photos how the look of a room is totally transformed with paint.

So, what did we do with the floor!  Nothing!  Once all the walls were the same color the floors looked great.

Staging: $1,700

Sold in a few days with multiple offers over list price.

Winans Lake

Here are Before and After photos of this old farmhouse.

Staging: $1,700

Sold in a few days with multiple offers over list price.